Our Story

The Bharat Pacific is a digital media and publication platform, which offers curative and unique content through podcasts on international relations, technology policy and global governance in the Indo-Pacific region. [Formerly Internationalism Global Podcasts]

Since inception in 2018, The Bharat Pacific has invited notable experts, professionals and scholars from various arenas of policy and international relations, including those from law and technology to discuss unique and young discourses on the Indo-Pacific Region, and the realpolitik associated with the role of India and South-East Asia.

We have largely focused on "out of the box" and "inside the box" discussions, and policy questions, which shapes up an Indian outlook towards public policy innovation, in the world of international relations.

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The Team


Chairperson & Managing Trustee

Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law

Pratejas Tomar

Chief Creative Advisor for The Bharat Pacific

Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law

Akash Manwani

Chief Innovation Consultant

Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law

Aditya Jakki

Scholar and former Journalist

Podcast Host